Comédie Française Registers Project

Christopher York is responsible for the concept, design and prototype implementation of the CFRP analytics tool, as described in the article “Exploratory data analysis for the digital humanities,” in English Studies (forthcoming). He has also worked on CFRP’s faceted browser, database, and server-side architecture.

Christopher is a digital humanist with a dual background in artificial intelligence and history of technology. As technologist, he has worked for the CYC Project (1997-98), the Perseus Project (2002-03), MIT Hyperstudio (2005-15) and the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he was resident Data Visualiser (2015-17).

His humanities research centers on cultural history of technology, particularly in Africa. He is a graduate of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in History at Yale University, “Transformations in Value: African Iron and the Anthropology of Wealth, 1800-1930,” which investigates the history of indigenous West African iron-production technologies in the context of ordinary Africans’ productive activities, social health, and management of wealth.

His research interests include data visualisation, data science, and digital research methods for history.